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"I have had the privilege to teach along side Malina Brown (Miss Mimi) for four years.  In that time, I have witnessed how she not only teaches the principles of Maria Montessori, but embodies them.  Under Malina's guidance each student is challenged, loved, and honored.  Sunshine House Montessori is a place where children come to learn in an atmosphere of peace and kindness."  

Christine Darling, Owner of Darling Piano Studio

"I found Sunshine House Montessori through a friend’s referral. When I met Malina Brown during our meet and greet I instantly felt her warm and caring nature with my daughter. Malina has been working with children for many years and her expertise it is evident in the way she teaches and cares for the children in her home. I am thankful knowing I can rest assured that my daughter is safe and happy while I am at work. My daughter learns new skills and continues to develop healthy interpersonal communication with other children all due to the guidance of Malina. I would highly recommend Sunshine Montessori House to anyone seeking a place for their little one to grow."

Julie Hauger, parent of a student

"When we had our second child last year, I quickly learned that we needed to enroll our toddler into preschool or a daycare program. She was feeling the attention shift when the new baby brother came along... it was difficult to give her that extra needed attention and keep her entertained with the new baby. Our close friends were in a similar situation and they referred us to Sunshine House Montessori. We toured many options, but Sunshine House stuck out from the rest. It just felt more comfortable and intimate than the other options. Miss Mimi has such a warm, kind, and caring energy about her, it was a perfect fit. The learning space has a lot of different activities for the children to play and thrive. Miss Mimi knows when our daughter needs a little extra love and attention and when to encourage her independence. She’s always wonderful at communicating with us, especially recently through the potty training process! We’ve really seen our daughters confidence soar since enrolling her at Sunshine House. Our daughter is so proud to show off her artwork and tell us about what she learned each day, it’s really exciting to watch! We highly recommend Sunshine House. Thank you Miss Mimi!"

Jaime Murray, parent of a student

I absolutely love Sunshine House Montessori, but more importantly my son loves being there. His little eyes light up when I tell him he has school, and he can’t stop talking about Miss Mimi and all of the wonderful friends he's made since he started attending. Just the other day, I heard him singing about the water cycle! I was so impressed!! Miss Mimi is a true gem. She’s kind, warm and just has an inherent way with little ones. When I drop my son off with her I’m confident that not only is growing and developing healthy social and socio-emotional skills, but he’s also safe and truly cared for in her school. I can’t say enough great things about Sunshine House.


Amie Becker, parent of a student

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